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We are a health benefits provider led by an association of farmers and agricultural employers.


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Health Benefits Made Specifically for Agriculture

WFB Healthcare is led by agricultural employers who know what it takes to run successful businesses. We know offering benefits to your employees is a major decision, and sometimes an expensive one. That is why we leverage the purchasing power of our group healthcare association to help agricultural businesses of all sizes realize the benefits of quality health, dental, vision and life insurance products.

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An Association of Farmers Looking Out For Other Farmers

WFB Healthcare is sponsored by the Washington Farm Bureau, Washington’s largest general agricultural association representing the interests and needs of farmers and ranchers for over 100 years.

Our Process is Simple

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Speak With a Broker

If you don’t have a broker, we will help you find a local one.

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Choose The Perfect Plan

Our broker will assist you in picking out the best plan for your specific needs.

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Enjoy Your Coverage

Gain piece of mind knowing you and your employees are taken care of.

Benefits of Working With Us

Created By Farmers

Our plans are managed by agricultural employers just like you. This allows employers to offer employee health benefits that fit their operational budget.

Home Grown Benefits

We know employees come with varying personal health needs, and we know how important access to good healthcare can be across our state. This is why we offer over 50 plan choices to fit those needs while also meeting your operating budgets.

Purchasing Power

We are a group of agricultural employers that band together to realize lower insurance rates. On average, employers save up to 10% on their premiums. This allows employers to provide quality and affordable medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans.

Business Collaboration

When you purchase WFB Healthcare, you also become a Washington Farm Bureau member giving you access to regular information on current trends in agricultural labor management best practices, HR training for your management teams, and other programs that can help you run a profitable business.

We can help all of Agriculture/Agribusiness—large & small

Our vast experience allows us to service all different facets of the agricultural community. We can find the perfect benefit plans for every type of agricultural business from A-Z—from Apple Production to Zoonoses—diseases common to the Veterinary profession. Some other industries include…

  • > Distilleries
  • > Cider Mills
  • > Horticulture/Landscape Industry
  • > Agriculture Input Suppliers
  • > Wine Production
  • > Cheese Makers
  • > Livestock & Crop Cultivation
  • > Agriculture Consultants

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