“Farm Bureau Healthcare, they really understand our process of what we’re doing, and that is really important from the start; the type of work that we do, there’s a certain kind of healthcare needed with that.”

- Christian Grieb, Treveri Cellars

“I got involved with WFB Healthcare because quality coverage is necessary and valuable, especially in rural agricultural communities. WFB Healthcare provided us with a plan that fits our needs, is affordable, and works for us.”

- Mark Charlton, Charlton Farms INC

“Healthcare is peace of mind – especially during times like this. It is important that we provide healthcare for our employees, me being one of them. Having healthcare is so valuable, it gives you a sense of security, knowing that you have the support of insurance behind you”

- Angela Speer, Tulip Town

“When considering healthcare, we needed a solution from people who knew what it was like to run an agriculture business. Solutions that made sense from a business perspective and were good for our team”

- Andrew Miller, CEO Fairhaven Mill

“What’s great about WFB Healthcare is that they have a huge menu of different plans that will fit anybody from A-Z. They’ll insure the very micro-groups—small groups, that’s hard to find with other healthcare plans.”

- Steve Cooper, Two Coops

“I chose WFB Healthcare because Farm Bureau strives to get the best rates for quality coverage. Thanks to WFB Healthcare, we have the best, most cost-effective care possible for my employees.”

- Brad Haberman, Number 9 Hay

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